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The following are some of the benefits of retaining Joel E Tencer as your Canadian Immigration Consultant:

Prior to accepting a person, as a client, we conduct an assessment, to ascertain if the person qualifies, and is eligible, either as a prospective immigrant or refugee to Canada.

We only accept clients who in our opinion have a reasonably good chance of immigrating to Canada, or becoming a protected person as a refugee, to Canada. This ensures you have the very best chance of having your immigration application accepted.

All clients sign a Retainer Agreement setting out the scope of our services to be performed, as well as our fees, and other general clauses. This agreement will formalize the client/ practitioner relationship, and is totally transparent to the client.

We regularly communicate with our clients, during the progress of the application, so they are aware of the stage their application is at, at all times.

All correspondence and phone-calls from clients are returned promptly.

Our professional fees are very reasonable, and we provide discounts to clients, if they need it.

We review all our files regularly to ensure that your application is progressing properly and on time.

We correspond with Canadian Embassies, and immigration offices as we deem it necessary, thus ensuring that a client’s application keeps moving forward towards completion.

We provide all clients with copies of correspondence we receive, so they know how their application is progressing and they are kept up-to-date.

When the file is completed, we give a final report to the client, and return to him/her all the necessary documents that belong to them.

We have a very high success rate, in all our immigration / refugee files, and have successfully enabled many persons to immigrate to Canada, as well to come to Canada and remain as protected persons in refugee cases.

Joel Tencer, Canadian Immigration Consultant

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