What my clients say:

Dear Mr.joel tencer
Thank you for all the help and advice you provided to make my immigration process successful.
Through out the process you took great care to prepare all the required documents.your advices were valuable. Your fees are reasonable and your staff were very helpful all the time. I recommend Mr.Joel Tencer services to any one who need help to immigrate to Canada.I am sure they will be in good hand and get what they want. Thank you again

Dr.hayfa alassam
November 2016

I would like to thank you for helping my brother to obtain a visitor visa to Canada.

Before I came to seek your help, I contacted a couple of other lawyers. Both of them just gave me a price tag and asked for a deposit before they would discuss anything further. You, on the other hand, explained fully the application process, what needed to be done, and how long each step would take. You said you would not take on a case unless there was a good chance to succeed. You assessed my brother’s chances and agreed to help us. Your fee was very reasonable as compared to other lawyers’.

Throughout the process, you took care to prepare each supporting document. Some documents were not required by Immigration Canada but you included them to better present my brother’s case. Finally, my brother received a decision from Immigration Canada and it was beyond our dream: he was granted a 10-year visitor VISA. Yes, 10-year VISA for a visitor! Needless to say, our family was ecstatic! We have a family of six siblings and all of us, except my brother, are Canadian citizens. For the next 10 years, he can visit us any time he misses us. We are so happy with your help!

Once again, a big thank you from all of us. I would recommend your service to anyone who needs help with immigration matters.
Yours sincerely, Kevin H.

I would like express my happiest moments as my experience with the office of JT Immigration has been wonderful. Mr Joel helped me with the entire process of my spousal sponsorship application and I must say they are very professional and keeps there clients updated on the progress of the immigration process with Canadian embassies. The legal fee is very good and affordable. I would highly recommend Mr Joel for immigration related matters.
Muhammad Ahmed Amin

My experience with Mr. Joel E. Tencer was nothing short of excellent. I recommend Mr. Joel E. Tencer to anybody in need to legal immigration services; Mr. Joel and his staff have helped me with my Permanent Residence application and I truly appreciate the effort and time they put into my case. Furthermore, Mr. Joel was very knowledgeable and professional in providing me with the appropriate legal advice I needed to resolve my concerns. He took time to send me the information I needed and spared me a costly consultation, looking out for my best interest. Should I need further assistance in the future I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Joel with the utmost confidence.
Laith Al Ansari

I am writing to recommend the services of the Mr. Joel Tencer an Immigration Practitioner. I have been using his services for the past 7 years to obtain visitor visas for my family members from Iran. I have always been completely satisfied. None of the visa application or invitation letters were rejected. He does an excellent job, always punctual, and offers the most competitive rates in town.

I find him very honest and thorough, he carefully reviews all the documents and takes action to the best of his knowledge for the smooth transition of the process. He has done exactly what I have asked of him.

I’m happy to recommend the services of Mr. Joel Tencer.
Siros Ghanbarzadeh

I want to thank you for helping us to bring my mother in Canada and giving us your helpful advices. I really thank you from the core of my heart. You are the best immigration consultant I ever met!
Mrs. Selina Akther Banu

I am a Doctor from Iraq, and I came to know Mr.Tencer through my refugee case here in Canada, as he was my legal representative. I found Mr.Tencer to be very professional in his work, highly knowledgeable with refugee cases and laws here in Canada, and was a great help for me in presenting my case in a proper way to the Refugee Hearing Board.

I highly recommend anyone who has an immigration or refugee case to use the help of such professional Immigration Consultant.
Yassin Allaq

Mr. Joel E Tencer was my immigration consultant. Under his professional guidance, my immigration process was timely and very smooth. After coming to Canada, he rendered service for drafting invitation letter for my mother also.

I have found him very competent and professional in his service. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends for his service.
Abul Hasnat Mohammad Khairul Islam

I decided to hire Joel E. Tencer, as my representative, in applying as a skilled worker, to Canada. He always communicated with me, and helped me, in completing my immigration case. His legal fees were very reasonable, and I would recommend him, to other persons, as well.
Haider Al-Baldawi

If anyone needs an immigration consultant, who is a pleasure to deal with, charges reasonable fees, and responds to concerns and questions. We would not hesitate to refer them to Mr. Tencer.
We were pleased with his legal work, on immigration to Canada under Sponsorship Application that he accomplished for us.

Aous Salih

Mr. Tencer completed my skilled Worker application to immigrate successfully to Canada. His Work for me and my family was done very professional and give good attention to my file. His Legal fees were very reasonable; I would recommend him as a good Immigration Practitioner.
Abdulmajeed Makkiya

Mr. Joel Tencer was my refugee Immigration Consultant and he worked hard in my case also his fee is reasonable. Finally I advise any one to go with Mr. Joel, I wish him good luck.
K. M.

Mr. Joel Tencer thank you for your helpful guidance in regards to work permits. With your help, I was finally able to hire a foreign worker to help my business. Also thank you for your professionalism and always being available to speak in regards to matters of the case.

I am very pleased with the legal work of Mr. Tencer. He successfully appealed a removal order, against myself and my family.
His work was at all times, professional, and skillfully performed. He met us several times, to prepare us for the appeal. His legal fees were reasonable, and I would recommend him, as an experienced immigration and refugee law practitioner.
Thanks to him, my family has made a new life in Canada, for which we are grateful.

Nidhal Murtadha, Toronto

I was very pleased with professional, and skillfully performed legal work that Mr. Tencer provided me. He successfully corrected my PRC (Permanent Resident Card for Canada) for a reasonable fee and I would recommend him, as an experienced immigration and refugee law practitioner.
Ali Sulaiman, Chief Creative Officer, BRANDynamix Inc.

I highly recommend the services of Mr. Joel Tencer. He helped me bring my husband to Canada. We were in constant communication and he responded quickly to all of my questions. His fees are reasonable and the immigration process was fast. Thank you for all your help.

I came to Canada to visit my family and I would like to stay with them longer so I went to Mr. Joel Tencer who really helped me with the extension of my visa. He did a great job. His work was very reliable and successful. I recommend Mr. Joel for anyone who needs a professional solutions. Mr. Joel E. Tencer thank you once again.
Anna Osiadacz

Mr. Joel Tencer you have proven to be a reliable and professional help to me and my family, you have help both myself, my common law husband and daughter to obtain Permanent Residence Status. A big thank you Mr. Tencer, keep up the good work.
Sue-Ann Collman

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