Canadian Visitor Visa

Canada is ranked among the world’s finest destinations to visit because of its beautiful natural wonders, peaceful environments, and the diverse cultural backgrounds.

Do I need a visitor visa to go to Canada?

visitors visa to visit Toronto Canada

All individuals intending to visit Canada should be in possession of a visitor visa, except for those people from countries that have exemption privileges; which can be viewed on the exemption list of the Canadian Immigration section. Find out if you need a visitor visa to enter Canada.

This visitor visa will permit individuals to lawfully enter Canada for a temporary period; which will be set by immigration officers at the ports of entry in Canada. The general rule is that every visitor, unless exempt, wanting to explore Canada, or visit family and friends, will have to obtain a visitor visa prior to their travel.

These visitors visas are normally given for a single entry, lasting for a period of 6 months into Canada but you may also apply for multiple entries.

The office of Joel E. Tencer is very experienced and efficient in processing visitor visa applications on behalf of clients. Should you require assistance in attaining your visitor visa to Canada, please contact us to learn how you can successfully obtain a Canadian Visiting Visa or fill out the Canadian Visiting Visa Application to see if you qualify.

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