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Attracting self employed business entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada has always been part of Canada’s economic growth strategy. Canada offers various business applications for immigration to Canada. Self-Employed business individuals from foreign lands can immigrate to Canada to conduct business and become permanent residents by first initiating a self-employed business application. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has defined a self-employed foreign national as having relevant experience only in cultural activities, athletics, and farm management.

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The candidate will find that the Canadian self-employed immigration category is aimed at applicants who have the plan and capability to successfully start up a business in Canada, in one of the 3 sectors; cultural activities, athletics, and farm management. They need certain requirements to qualify:

  • Noteworthy experience that will make a sizeable contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada or
  • Knowledge and experience in farm management, with the intention and ability to purchase and run a farm in Canada.
  • The ability to comply with health, security and other requirements.

Can I move my business to Canada?

To qualify under the Canadian self-employed business application the candidate will be assessed on experience, age, education, language skills, ability to adapt in Canada and other requirements concerning business and immigration regulations. The candidate will also need to prove that they have the funds to support themselves, business and/or family following their arrival into Canada.

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Some examples of eligible businesses:

  • Farmer
  • Illustrator
  • Freelance journalist
  • Art and music teaches
  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Athletes and coaches
  • Sculptor
  • Choreographer

You can also decide to immigrate into a particular province, and open a business there, and provided you meet the province’s requirements, such as net worth, investment amount into the business, the province will nominate you, for immigration to this province, and the proper Canadian Embassy will issue a permanent resident visa, to you and family members, if you qualify.

The Self-Employed Persons Program is designed to bring to Canada people who will be self-employed.

The office of Joel E. Tencer assists these business entrepreneurs in undertaking immigration to Canada under the self-employed application. With the necessary legal background, and knowledge in processing such applications, Mr. Tencer is properly qualified to assist you.

Please contact us to learn how you can successfully move or start your qualified occupation or fill out the Canadian Self-Employed Business Immigration Application to see if you qualify.

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