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Canada acknowledges the Geneva Convention guidelines, in relation to the status and protection of refugees from persecution. Around the world, many suffer from human rights violations and fear of returning to their native countries. To see if you might qualify, please fill out the Refugee Claim Application.

Canadian refugee application

Some examples of refugee claims can be for the following reasons:

  • Religion
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Membership in a particular social group *
  • Political Opinion
  • Risk to Life

The eligibility of the refugee is determined based on

  • Proof of persecution
  • Inability to be protected by the police or state
  • Proper reason for being persecuted
  • Individual not safe anywhere, in his/her country

In addition, Canada allows groups and individuals to sponsor qualified refugees.

There are also, outside of Canada applications available for:

  • Government Sponsored Refugees
  • Privately Sponsored Refugees
  • Self Supporting Refugees

The experienced office of Joel E. Tencer has successfully processed refugee claims within Canada and abroad.

The Canadian Government website has more information that you might find useful. See Claiming refugee protection from inside Canada.

Some examples of particular social groups identified by Canadian Courts for refugee claims are as follows:

  • The Family
  • Gay & Lesbian (sexual orientation)
  • Trade Unions
  • The Poor
  • Women subjected to domestic abuse
  • Women forced into marriage without their consent
  • Women who have been subjected to exploitation resulting in the violation of the person and who, in consequence of the exploitation have been tried, convicted and sentenced to imprisonment
  • Women subject to circumcision
  • Persons subject to forced sterilization
  • Children of police officers who are anti-terrorist supporters
  • Former fellow municipal employees terrified and terrorized by what they know about the ruthless, criminal mayor
  • Educated women

Please contact us to learn how you can successfully make a Canadian refugee claim or fill out the Canadian Refugee Claims Immigration Application to see if you qualify.

fill out application for Canadian Refugee Claims Application

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