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There are many reasons why the Canadian consulate may refuse your immigration application. There are many “Red Flagged” family sponsorship rules that may be a cause for refusal. There are many typical inherent “red flags”, which the government may view and refuse your application. Understanding all the Canadian legal mechanisms, laws and procedures, is important in succeeding in the Canadian immigration appeal process.
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Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

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Even though a visa officer refuses to issue a visa, for entry to Canada that is not the final decision.

If you married a foreign national, and then apply to sponsor them, to immigrate to Canada, or you sponsored another eligible Family member you can appeal the visa office’s negative decision, to the Immigration Appeal Division.

Other examples, where you can appeal to this division, are the following:

  • a permanent resident of Canada, against whom a removal order to leave Canada is issued
  • a protected person, who was accepted by the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) as refugee, and eligible therefore to remain in Canada, has a removal order issued against him/her, as alleged by Immigration Canada
  • a permanent resident of Canada, loses his/her status, and must leave Canada for not complying with Canadian immigration legislation, as alleged by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

Our Service

When determining an effective Canadian Immigration Appeal strategy for a client, we evaluate the individual’s eligibility by studying his profession, background, age, health and other areas of concern. In addition, we will guide the client in obtaining the necessary paperwork and documents that are required to complete the process, leaving them free from stress and worry. We determine the best immigration appeal strategy to assist our clients through a complex appeal process.

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As professionals in the area of Canadian immigration law, procedure and process, we advise and help our clients to successfully undertake immigration appeals. We have a high success rate and can help you with your Canadian Immigration Appeal.

Please contact us to learn how you can successfully make a Canadian Immigration Appeal or fill out the Canadian Immigration Appeals Application to see if you qualify.

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More Information

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada website explains more about the process.

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