Canadian Citizenship

Every year people are proudly granted Canadian citizenship and the many benefits that come with being a citizen. The government of Canada is welcoming recent immigrants to become citizens provided they comply with certain criteria.
canadian citizenship by immigrating to canada

To qualify for a Canadian citizenship, the candidate must fulfill various terms and conditions by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The office of Joel E. Tencer is ready to assist candidates through the citizenship process by providing the necessary applications, knowledge base, and legal work. Contact us to learn how you can enjoy the benefits of Canadian Citizenship.

On becoming a Canadian Citizen, you have the legal right to vote, to sponsor a spouse or common-law partner without physically being in Canada, as well as being allowed to remain in Canada even if for example, you incur criminal convictions, serious health problems, or a security threat. A permanent resident does not have these benefits, and may be removed from Canada in these situations.

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